Most of the photographs I take now are shot with a Ricoh GRD IV. I also own the film version of this camera, the GR1. Both have fixed 28mm lenses. 35mm and 50mm are probably more versatile as focal lengths go, but 28mm has an interesting look that you just can’t get with those lengths.

It’s quite wide, but not ridiculously so. It works quite well if you want to shoot landscapes.

I’m not that into landscapes, but I do like street scenes that capture more of the street. You can fit a lot into the frame.

Even better are scenes with a few points of action. The depth of field on the camera is such that you can have elements in your picture that are both near and far to the viewer, plus feature the scenery quite heavily.

I like shooting close to my subjects the best. With such a large depth of field you can create really dense or layered photographs. These often end up being some of my favourites.

The primary reason I shoot with my Ricoh is that it is a very convenient camera to use. The fact I can use it to take all sorts of photographs is a nice bonus.

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