1. Sunsets

    2021-07-13 02:20:12 UTC
    Sunsets feel like lazy photography. There is light and contrast and all the good stuff. Anyone can point their camera at the distance and take a picture and it’ll look great. Still, they are quite pretty, aren’t they.

  2. 28mm

    2014-09-05 14:55:01 UTC
    Most of the photographs I take now are shot with a Ricoh GRD IV. I also own the film version of this camera, the GR1. Both have fixed 28mm lenses. 35mm and 50mm are probably more versatile as focal lengths go, but 28mm has an interesting look that you just…

  3. Throwback Film

    2014-05-23 11:59:43 UTC
    I’ve had some film sitting in my fridge for 4 years now. Some of the film might be closer to 5 years old, I suspect. I used to be reasonably good about processing my black & white film as I shot it, but once you slip it’s easy to end…

  4. Framing Redux

    2014-05-06 16:15:32 UTC
    The area outside the ROM is a pretty busy street. Trying to get people lined up in the frame just right was a mix of luck and patience. Waiting for the timing to be just right is a big part of photography.

  5. Shima

    2014-04-04 14:54:20 UTC
    I took this photo with my Ricoh GR Digital IV. It’s got a fixed 28mm lens. It’s useful in all sorts of situations, but a wide angle lens will distort people’s features, somewhat. You can see a bit of that going on here. Still, I love this picture. We have…

  6. Street Scenes

    2014-03-21 21:27:53 UTC
    Street photography is something I love, even though i’m not particularly good producing the sorts of photographs people describe with that moniker. I like shooting with my Ricoh GRD, which has a pretty wide 28mm lens. You can fit a lot into the frame, as i’ve done here, but on…

  7. Framing

    2014-03-17 14:10:55 UTC
    This is far from a remarkable photo, but I do like how it’s quite literally framed by the windows of the bus. There are lots of different ways I could have shot this particular photograph of Shima, but this feels the tidiest. If the guys on the bikes were doing…

  8. Candid Photos

    2014-03-12 14:55:53 UTC
    My interesting in photography begins and ends with taking yearbook photographs, I suppose. Candid photographs of my friends and family are what I find most interesting. I suspect they are what most people find most interesting. People are naturally drawn to other people. It’s probably human nature. It’s hard to…

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